Apr 22, 2010

My Version of Grooming Tips

at 10:56 AM
Wow...Lets Groom.....

NEW TOPIC about Project Alpha... Week 8(a) arrived in my inbox....

Great Topic : My Version of Grooming Tips

Lets Talk about it. About Grooming and Adidas Action 3.

This is my Version Okay!!

There are so many beauty products on the market now days .
Of course, you may choose not to use any, and that is fine.
Are sure that is fine to you and people around you?Aha...fikir-fikirkan ye.

If you have never used cosmetics, but would like to try, Ask your friends to help you. She would probably enjoy showing you what to buy and how to apply it. Cuba la...Ask them.

Most women also shave their legs and underarms. You can buy special shavers to do this.

Also, be sure and wear deodorant.
It's a must or people will run away from you.

Minyak wangi sahaja belum tentu cukup untuk menutup bau ketiak yang masyam....
apatah lagi kalau badan sering cepat berpeluh.
ok...tu semua introduction je..

mari lihat langkah-langkah simple untuk ber'grooming'

1. Brush Your teeth.. Gosok gigi dulu..
2. Wash Your Face. Facial Wash or Scrub.. Basuh muka ye.
3.Shave please!!
4. Bath.... Mandi...Sabun....Shampoo..
5. Wipe all over your body after bath..
6.Put your clothes on.
7. Deodorant...never forget this..
8. Sikat rambut ok!! jangan serabai....
9. Simple Touch-up on your face...
10. For muslimah, Pakai tudung or selandang dengan kemas ye...
11.Done..and don't miss your favorite fragrant..

Take a look at this product.
Do not hesitate to try this..okay friends??

And this too..
Lets play this out..
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