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Today we Learn About Mirin

Mirin is derived from fermentation of rice and it is commonly used in Japanese cooking to enhance the taste of food.

Following are Sushi King's products that contains Mirin:

1. Unagi Kabayaki

2. Unagi Slice
3. Karei Nitsuke 4. Saba Misoni
5. Mamakari

6. Ikura


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Mirin ( or みりん) is an essential condiment used in Japanese cuisine, consisting of 40%–50% sugar.[1] It is a kind of rice wine similar to sake, but with a lower alcohol content—14%[2] instead of 20%. There are three general types. The first is hon mirin (lit. true mirin),[3] which contains alcohol. The second is shio mirin, which contains alcohol as well as 1.5% salt[1] to avoid alcohol tax. The third is shin mirin (lit. new mirin),[4] or mirin-fu chomiryo (lit. mirin-like seasoning),[5] which contains less than 1% alcohol yet retains the same flavour.

In the Edo period, Mirin was drunk as a sweet sake.[6] Otoso, traditionally drunk on Shōgatsu, can be made by soaking a spice mixture in mirin.[7]

In the Kansai style of cooking, mirin is briefly boiled before using, to allow some of the alcohol to evaporate, while in the Kantō regional style, the mirin is used untreated. Kansai-style boiled mirin is called nikiri mirin (煮切り味醂),[8] literally "thoroughly boiled mirin."

A bottle of commercially produced Japanese mirin

Mirin is used to add a bright touch to grilled (broiled) fish or to erase the fishy smell. A small amount is often used instead of sugar and soy sauce. It should not be used in excess however, as its flavour is quite strong. It is sometimes used as a sushi accompaniment.

Mirin is used in teriyaki sauce.[5]

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About Mirin: Mirin is Japanese sweet cooking wine. Steamed mochigome rice, komekoji (rice yeast), and shochu (Japanese liquor) are mixed and and fermented to make mirin. Mirin is clear and light gold in color and is usually sold in a bottle.

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n appearance, mirin has a golden hue that is very pleasing to the eye. In addition, the inclusion of this sweet cooking wine will also provide slight sheen when used to prepare fish and various types of meat. Using mirin as an ingredient for coating or covering with a sauce helps to enhance the presentation of the dish, helping the food to be as visually appealing as it is flavorful.

The creation of mirin begins with use glutinous rice that is combined with distilled spirits. Manufacturers of this rice wine only allow the fermentation process to go so far, since the focus is on achieving the correct level of sweetness and not necessarily a given level of alcohol content. It is the sweet property of the wine that helps to lessen the overall impact of strong fish odors in a number of recipes, while still managing to enhance the flavors of other ingredients in the recipe.

While mirin does not have a high alcohol content, it is often found in the liquor department of supermarkets, as well as in wine and spirits shops. This is true even for the two ceremonial versions of mirin that are used to celebrate the new year, hon and shin. Because the sweet taste is very strong, a small amount of mirin in a recipe will produce excellent results.

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